Offshoots Of A Building


Poking out of the exterior
Hanging on for dear life
Overlooking the water
Underscoring the picture
Of a building.


Shooting out of the structure
Sticking tightly to the frame
Staggering in their position
Unbalancing the view
Of a building.


Like missiles at the ready
Like projectiles rejected by the body
Like addendums and afterthoughts
To a hasty conception
Of a building.


Making all seem accidental
A mere sketch, an artists’ draft
A scheming scam
Of a building.


Sprouting pridefully
Disdaining the surroundings
Arrogantly strutted
Daring one to challenge,
To contest
The right of its support
To be where
Where once was a litttle open space
For thorns or berries and rocks and grass
And creatures unknown.
Where the wind did blow
Cooling, refreshing, reprieving
The bank on which it stands.

Of a building
Housing –
An incomparable reminder
Of what is lost.


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