Ode To Death


Books in a case

All a-jumble

Papers and documents

Ready to crumble

None from this year

None perennial

Except perhaps the Bible

(Or should I say Bibles?)

And books on religious teachings

And religion

Even Demons and Devils.

Films, CDs, DVDs

All from a time past

A world forgotten

But still remembered Classics.

Leaves fallen, pages missing, backs torn and broken


Absent Jackets

And Covers

No longer cared for

Cassettes and tapes.

Used, used-up

No longer meaningful

Occupying a space, a case

Whose value is in question

While housing irrelevant






Like a Carcass

Not quite an Artifact

A Relic.

Not even a Reminder

For no-one knows what’s there.

Would have to check

And try to recall the why and “what’s-it”.

Were they ever read?  Listened to?

The magazines?  Videos?  Films viewed?

To what end, for what purpose?

Just for something to do

And collect.

To seem intelligent

To appear knowledgeable

Then cast away

Shoved away


To someplace

Out of sight of daily living

Hidden from view

Of all, bar the occasional Guest

Who welcomes Death

Seeing it in truth

Not a ruse

A ploy to deceive

But in all they eat and drink and breathe

Of the Past

Lingering Languishing

In a Case.

A Case of Death –

Of Life




Not recovered, Unrecoverable….hope.

No point pretending

As even with new binding

Staples or Glue

They have been discarded



In their past ‘existence’


Not fit for requirements

Merely serving a purpose

To those who did not know

What they really needed.

Providing a “show”

Of IMAGINED possibilities

Potential yearned for

In the vanity of self-deception.


Of the negative self

That they were.

Books In A Case

All in a jumble

Papers and Documents

Ready to Crumble

None from this Year

None Perennial

Except perhaps…


The Bible

Which says in part

“Dust Thou Art”.






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