Pics ‘n things is a way to share my eye view visually.

I use mainly my little Android phone to capture what “strikes” my eye and my senses.  Sometime I may use the video, but I like stills as they freeze a moment of wonder, awe or beauty; or something interesting.

Beauty is considered subjective in most cases, but I posit that true beauty is universal; “A joy forever”.  We can wonder at it, or be in awe of it, but we cannot fail to be affected emotionally by it.  It sears our senses.  It challenges our intellect.

Interesting sights are merely that, interesting.  Yet, like beauty they make us ponder.  They arrest our intellect moreso than our senses, but are they of less value because of this?  Because their lifespan is finite?

And so, at times, I offer a personal comment by way of a poetic outburst on how or why my eye was “struct” , or revealing how I was affected.

The subjectivity of our visuals lies not in the sights, but in the how and why of the attraction, and in the resulting affection.

This is true of the beautiful, and the merely interesting.

Pics  ‘n tings


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