Was it cacti I saw

Or just bush?

Were they plants?

Was it a “garden”?

Or did the Fence just get in the way

Of what would have been

Could have been

Something interesting?


Inspiration From Looking Down


A Stone On The Ground.

What first catches our eye
Might not be what we need to see
Just the attraction
To show us the Truth within the Beauty.

When I took this photo I was relaxing in a garden.  Having looked up and around at all the beauty of Nature, I glanced down. There at my feet was the most beautiful refreshing “arrangement” of fallen pieces of Nature’s bloom.  After drinking it in, I took this photo.
A couple days later I looked at the photo,  and saw the stone. That is what I needed to see.

Inspiration sometimes comes from looking down.

Sea Scapes 1



Defying loneliness
Sea Scapes
Come to me.
Where my eyes can see
Nature’s beauty.

Defying brokenness
Sea Scapes
Come to me.
O Refreshing Restoring
Nature’s beauty.

My Serenity.
Depends on thee.

Thy tactile branches
The touch of thy air
The feel of the smell
Of thy grain
Brings me again
To peace.

Defying all pain
Sea Scapes
Come to me.
If only in memory
Thou Nature’s beauty.