Sea Scapes 4


A picture of pure beauty
Of balance
And curving waves
Of the sea

Of Man

Trying to balance

To stay balanced

On Nature’s soft waves.




Step By Step

Stepping down
Taking the risk
Taking the chance


Stepping up
Accepting the challenge
To go on

Step by step
Up or down

Stepping on toes
Stepping on fingers
Not my own

Stepping high
Stepping low
On and off the curb

Stepping into safety
Stepping out of comfort
Stepping where no one knows

Stepping through Life
One foot at a time
Never stepping backwards

Going Around In A Circle


Going around in a circle
Circularly circulating
Which way to go?

A circle is not a direction
Neither is it a destination
Yet some are always going there:
Around in a circle.

Circumnavigating the issue
Circumventing the point
Spinning confusedly:

Going around in a circle
Not approaching
(even in a roundabout way)
But repeatedly repeating:
Hoping things would change.

Litter Not My Mind


Litter not my mind
With your unwholesome thoughts .
Litter not my mind
With your foolish ideas.

Litter not my mind
With your silly longings.
Litter not my mind
With your spiteful words.

Litter not my mind.

My mind is as a bed of Roses
Fragrant with love.
With peace and beauty garlanded
With truth and justice underlaid
With ne’er a thorn to punish
Those resting there.

I Rested


I rested.
I sat, and I rested
Outside the coffe shop.

I sat, and I rested
Outside the coffee shop
And took in the view.

The garden was green
Small but well used;

I got up
Went inside
To get a mokarabia.

I rested
I stood, and I rested.

Inside was clean simple
The service measured.

I took my drink
Returned outside
Where I sat, and rested.