Looking Down


Looking down as I pass by.

Looking down as I stroll.

Looking down as I walk.

Looking down at the cracks in the pavement
Looking down at stone slabs and holes
Looking down at the uneven, mixed-textured roadside
Placed there for ambling travellers.

Looking down as I go.

Looking down as I think.

Looking down as I carry my load.

Looking down but never at my feet
Looking down ignoring the pain in my toes
Looking down not seeing the others
Looking down even as I .

Looking down. Why don’t I raise my eyes?

Looking down. What is so attractive there?

Looking down. ‘Cause there there is nothing to surprise.




Old Ugly Tired Beaten Utility
For collecting money;
An affront to the eyes, the senses.
Better the wall behind it.
So out of place as to invite curiosity
So unappealing as to cause wonder
At the tasteless structure
And those who allow it.