Squatters’ Paradise


One look at the building

And they know…

It’s not for them

It’s all aglow….

With Humanity

In the broken window…

Burnt with fire.




Was it cacti I saw

Or just bush?

Were they plants?

Was it a “garden”?

Or did the Fence just get in the way

Of what would have been

Could have been

Something interesting?

Inspiration From Looking Down


A Stone On The Ground.

What first catches our eye
Might not be what we need to see
Just the attraction
To show us the Truth within the Beauty.

When I took this photo I was relaxing in a garden.  Having looked up and around at all the beauty of Nature, I glanced down. There at my feet was the most beautiful refreshing “arrangement” of fallen pieces of Nature’s bloom.  After drinking it in, I took this photo.
A couple days later I looked at the photo,  and saw the stone. That is what I needed to see.

Inspiration sometimes comes from looking down.