Offshoots Of A Building


Poking out of the exterior
Hanging on for dear life
Overlooking the water
Underscoring the picture
Of a building.


Shooting out of the structure
Sticking tightly to the frame
Staggering in their position
Unbalancing the view
Of a building.


Like missiles at the ready
Like projectiles rejected by the body
Like addendums and afterthoughts
To a hasty conception
Of a building.


Making all seem accidental
A mere sketch, an artists’ draft
A scheming scam
Of a building.


Sprouting pridefully
Disdaining the surroundings
Arrogantly strutted
Daring one to challenge,
To contest
The right of its support
To be where
Where once was a litttle open space
For thorns or berries and rocks and grass
And creatures unknown.
Where the wind did blow
Cooling, refreshing, reprieving
The bank on which it stands.

Of a building
Housing –
An incomparable reminder
Of what is lost.


Looking Down


Looking down as I pass by.

Looking down as I stroll.

Looking down as I walk.

Looking down at the cracks in the pavement
Looking down at stone slabs and holes
Looking down at the uneven, mixed-textured roadside
Placed there for ambling travellers.

Looking down as I go.

Looking down as I think.

Looking down as I carry my load.

Looking down but never at my feet
Looking down ignoring the pain in my toes
Looking down not seeing the others
Looking down even as I .

Looking down. Why don’t I raise my eyes?

Looking down. What is so attractive there?

Looking down. ‘Cause there there is nothing to surprise.

Litter Not My Mind


Litter not my mind
With your unwholesome thoughts .
Litter not my mind
With your foolish ideas.

Litter not my mind
With your silly longings.
Litter not my mind
With your spiteful words.

Litter not my mind.

My mind is as a bed of Roses
Fragrant with love.
With peace and beauty garlanded
With truth and justice underlaid
With ne’er a thorn to punish
Those resting there.