Sea Scapes 1



Defying loneliness
Sea Scapes
Come to me.
Where my eyes can see
Nature’s beauty.

Defying brokenness
Sea Scapes
Come to me.
O Refreshing Restoring
Nature’s beauty.

My Serenity.
Depends on thee.

Thy tactile branches
The touch of thy air
The feel of the smell
Of thy grain
Brings me again
To peace.

Defying all pain
Sea Scapes
Come to me.
If only in memory
Thou Nature’s beauty.

Ghostly. ‘Til…


A blurred image
Unfigured figure
Masked in apparent reality
Like a snap-shot
Taken with unsteady hand

A mirage
Defigured figure
Masked by apparent reality
Like a picture
Figment of a thought

Ghostly apparent apperation
Figmented surreal figure
Mystified by the mist of imagination
From the physical realism
Of what is there and what is not…
Like a badly done photograph
Caught by camera unsure…
Better left alone.

‘Til the breaking of the Dawn.



The street is deserted
Devoid of all human movement
Except my own.

In its desertedness I find comfort
In my aloneness peace
As in a desert.

Desolation does not engulf me
When no other Human I see
I am not alone.

I have my thoughts
I have my memories
I have me.

Though the street is deserted
Evidence is there
That others came this way too.